To Know Better…

A lifelong friend used to always coin the adage “To know better, is to do better!”  Primarily, that advice was meant in ways to improve upon being a better parent, Husband, and maybe someday grandparent!
I personally feel that this saying goes beyond personal relationships and very obviously into every step of being a lifelong learner.  When we try something and fail we learn just one more way not to do something, and I n so doing we take another step down the path of knowing better! All it takes is one time of doing something right, to figure out that you’ve done something better.

Such was my experience in attempt to craft a suite of tests designed to produce different types of testing coverage. My failure, was that in my constant learning and evolving I hadn’t picked up a key piece of information. There are a few vital things for every good test, and one thing specifically for robot framework is that each test needs a good set of tags that can later be used to identify the specific test or group of tests in question.
So, since the tags are a vital importance, also thinking through what those tags should be is of equally vital importance. Now we are at that the to do better section, as I discovered that through my own experience that I was not creating tags that were reusable. Meaning, that I wasn’t using tags that could lump tests together in any organized fashion.

Once I realized the error of my ways, I sought to correct the work I had already done, and again had to go back through and re-factor tests already created.

To know better is to do better, although in this situation I feel a bit more structure  and organization would have been most helpful! Either way, because of my now doing better, I was able to craft an execution script that will help me immensely going forward!
Onward, and upward! Doing better every day!


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