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Oh Robot, wherefore art thou Robot?

Manual testing.  Yes – I said it, manual testing.  In my career as a QA professional, I have more than certainly done my fair share of it.  The best scenario was eloquently designed test scenarios that flowed smoothly and left no ambiguity as to what the desired test results should be.

The worst was the complete lack of any documentation whatsoever, Continue reading


Snow Day!

2017-01-02It seems lately we have been having a few snow days in the Pacific Northwest!  While the grand beauty is not lost on those of us who rarely see the white stuff, it does hamper the average workers productivity if not only due to the long lost childhood memories of playing for hours on end outside.  I personally have several memories of playing outside until my fingers and toes had long past lost any sensation – its a wonder I did not lose any of them!

That being said, I have taken it upon myself to compose a list of time consuming yet brain numbing tasks to keep yourself busy during these cold days.

10. Download system updates

9. Defragment the hard drive

8. Run a full virus scan

7. Uninstall un-needed computer programs

6. Delete old files

5. Remove old desktop shortcuts

4. Clean up Email inbox

3. Reply to long forgotten email…

2. Write a white paper

1. Post a blog entry 😉